CoreTalk’s Comprehensive SMS Solutions

CoreTalk’s SMS software is a revolutionary text-based platform that co-ordinates a business’s internal and external communication needs. It allows organisations to send, receive and track communication via SMS without an internet connection at competitive rates! Suitable for all types of desktop and mobile devices, the software delivers real-time interaction. No matter your industry; property, retail or manufacturing, we will tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. CoreTalks’ bulk SMS solutions will assist you, whether you want to inform, make recommendations or take action, we will help generate and process all your CRM requirements.

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CoreTalk’s SMS platform lets you cost-effectively streamline your communication by using text messaging for both inbound and outbound communication.

CoreTalk platform can:

  • Forward incoming SMS messages to a Website via HTTP, so they can be processed by a server-side script.
  • Store incoming SMS messages in a database.
  • Log incoming SMS messages to a text or CSV files.
  • Forward incoming SMS messages to one or more Email addresses.
  • Forward received SMS messages to another phone(s).
  • Auto reply to incoming SMS messages with a predefined template, or a dynamically generated message.

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A must have in today's fast-paced business enviroment
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