SMS solutions Ensure You Don’t Get Left Behind

SMS Solutions will ensure you and your business don’t get left behind – instead make your “mark” with your SMS marketing.

Bulk messaging is great for sending large numbers of SMS messages through an SMS Portal delivered to mobile phones; the ideal method of reaching the mobile market.

SMS Solutions is the perfect marketing tool to launch a business, product or brand on a mobile platform.

Whether you are a small, medium and large enterprises, use SMS messages to connect with staff, customers and suppliers, and bulk messaging is most commonly used for news alerts, reminders, marketing and confirmation.

Select SMS Solutions for a successful, proven channel which has a far higher response rate, as consumers’ phones are never far from reach.

The advantages of SMS Solutions are numerous:

  • For marketing excellence capture your client’s interest right away.
  • Now your client can enjoy your product updates, promotions and special offers right at their fingertips.
  • Because mobile phones represent an immediate and convenient opportunity for South African businesses to encourage customer to participate in promotions, make micro-payments for goods or services resulting in sales, it makes good sense to go the SMS Solutions route.
  • SMS Solutions still remains the first choice of business communication despite debates suggesting that SMS is dead in the face of instant messaging applications.
  • A2P – application-to-person messaging solutions continue to become integrated into communication solutions across the globe, improving and aiding customer service and interaction, client satisfaction marketing campaigns and business processes.
  • Reliability, cost effectiveness and the ubiquity of SMS has made SMS Solutions the number one go-to choice of marketing for many SME’s.