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Bulk SMS Interactive Correspondence SMS Solutions

Fancy tools won’t make up for your clients not having a voice – Bulk SMS Interactive Correspondence SMS Solutions give your clients a voice where their opinion can be heard.


It is no secret that many businesses depend on forecasts and interaction – and in the quest for ever-more accurate and reliable forecasts and what your clients have to say, we have ensured that Bulk SMS Interactive Correspondence SMS Solutions are able to do just this.


It is time to get Interactive SMS Solutions to ensure you now manage enquiries, complaints and feedback via SMS – without question the perfect tool for you and your business to remain in contact with customers on an ongoing basis using one of the most cost-effective forms of communication – through texting.


Send your customers and clients mobile surveys or questionnaires that are included in your texts – a most effective way to obtain their opinion on products, services and special events. No amount of fancy processing will improve the quality of your communication exercises – ensure that your approach to finding out what it is your customers want is simple – the secret here is to think out of the box so that you can tick all the right communication boxes.


The question about what might change for your business should be answered by your clients and customers and what it is that they want and not by what you believe they want. The benefits will go well beyond your expectations. Mobile devices are transforming the way that consumers interact with brands, search for and buy products.


Due to the fact that there has been a significant increase in purchasing through mobile – a good example being a recent survey of over 2000 individuals in Europe; 38% of the people who research a product on their mobile phones will purchase the item. Furthermore 47% complete their purchases on a PC, 25 % on their mobile phones and 7% on their tablets.


There is a whole new world of opportunity and challenge in mobile for companies everywhere with attention focused on a whole range of issues. The concept of Bulk SMS Interactive Correspondence SMS Solutions is fast catching on – a brilliant way to maximise your efficiency.