Communication is Key with Bulk SMS Solutions
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Communication is Key with Bulk SMS Solutions

Communication is Key with Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS Solutions – an innovative tool to assist businesses and individuals to improve their communication.

Ensure your communication is increased and improved through the cell phone, perhaps the most ubiquitous communication device ever created. Believe it or not, there are still many South African companies that are dragging their feet and slow to embrace the power that mobile marketing has to offer.

Bulk SMS Solutions are not only extremely effective but also really cheap. It strikes the sweet spot every time, getting consumers to answer to the promise and call of a brand, service, or product right away. Shortcode and SMS campaigns are getting the attention for their high hit rates, powerful messaging, and the ability to gather information regarding a business’s consumer base.


Show Clients They Matter By Polling

Asking customers for feedback and to rate a service will give them a feeling of worth; additionally, this encourages consumers to participate while offering invaluable information and criticism, both positive and negative, regarding the services and products on offer.

This is a brilliant tool to assist in a two-way communication, and by using short codes, Bulk SMS is perhaps the most effective and efficient way of starting a two-way communique.

Everyone from utility service providers to Woollies, small businesses and restaurants is incorporating this method to get invaluable feedback.


Using Bulk SMS Campaigns to Build Up Your Database

If you are looking at increasing sales while building up an invaluable database of your clients so that marketing campaigns can be elevated for future use, there is no better way than through bulk SMS solutions.

For businesses drawing in the crowds’ ploys that include running competitions can be extremely effective; for example, the more SMS’s sent out could improve their chances of winning further prizes – this is only one method of getting clients to respond through bulk SMS solutions. Mobile marketing making use of bulk SMS is a brilliant way to reach customers while harnessing the power of direct, opt-in, one-to-one messaging.


Getting Customers Interested Enough to Call You

The best way to get customers to call you and not the other way around is through implementing bulk SMS. Tardy payers respond better through SMS campaigns. Sending lengthy SMS’s that include in-depth information to avoid blacklisting could prove to be a win-win for both parties.

Almost 90% of all SMS’s are read within 15 seconds of being sent, a far more effective method of marketing than sending emails and letters.