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Getting Customers to Call You with Our Bulk SMS Debt Collection Software

One of the biggest challenges for any business is managing cash flow – that is why efficient accounting and getting your clients to pay you on time is vital. When cash flow is managed correctly the business takings are sufficient to pay all of the overheads and salaries and to maintain the company’s profitability at the same time.


Getting customers to call you through Bulk SMS Debt Collection Software will get your small business to grow. Sending Bulk SMS’s to delinquent debtors to pay up is a great way to turn your business around. Needless to say, SMS campaigns are a brilliant way to get debtors to call their debt collectors instead of the other way around. By sending long SMS’s with in-depth information and details what is owed and who to call if they do not want to be blacklisted is an excellent way to get those that owe you and your business money, to pay up.


The instant nature of SMS, and the fact that it is a medium that is not typically ignored, means that debtors would phone in to arrange payments or use the information in the SMS to pay on their own.


Did you know – It is interesting to note that research and stats show that 90% of SMS’s are read within 15 seconds of being sent, unlike emails and letters. SMS is therefore the perfect tool which enables debt collectors to contact hundreds of people in a reliable yet inexpensive way. In a war-time economy with companies battling it out for a share of the market and to beat the competition, SME’s need to be on top of their game at all times.


Our software solutions will ensure you enjoy a smoother operation – you don’t need all the bells and whistles if you are a small to medium enterprise – we ensure that you now enjoy ease of use with our tailored Bulk SMS Debt Collection Software solutions.


Our best-of-breed software for businesses both large and small is all about ease of use. If the software is too cumbersome or hard to learn to use, you simply won’t use it. That is why we have come up with a plan to ensure that our Debt Collection Software solutions are simple, intuitive and closely-matched to how you already do business.