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Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing is About Striking While the Iron is Hot

Mobile media will now be able to lead the new marketing sector with a string of successful campaigns. Mobile devices are the most ubiquitous communications on the continent, yet some South African companies are still slow to embrace the power of mobile marketing.


If looking for examples of how effective, not to mention inexpensive – targeted SMS Marketing can be at getting consumers to answer the call of your brand, look no further than the work being done through our Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing tools.


This is unquestionably the best way to spread the word about your game-changing deals and give-aways to your clients.

Send messages and receive bookings in real time at cost-effective rates with innovative, interactive SMS promotions.

Customers can now text to your GSM number for additional information on specials; furthermore all leads are captured on the database.

You will soon find that your company’s short code Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns are getting noticed for their high hit-rate, powerful messaging and ability to gather information on customers.


How to hit that sweet spot:

  • Increase sales and build a database of customers so that you can market them directly in future when choosing Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns to sell your products or services.
  • When running competitions – instead of sending one SMS – send a couple which will work wonders for any marketing campaign.
  • Mobile marketing is especially handy when times are tough and you need to give a product or business a welcome boost.
  • Mobile marketing provides you with the perfect opportunity to change the way to reach customer and to harness the power of direct, opt-in, one-to-one messaging.


But while bulk SMS is highly effective – it is only one medium in the mobile marketer’s toolbox. Mobility is now used by millions of people who don’t have a computer or access to the internet; research shows there are more and more people that can be reached directly and as broadband access becomes cheaper and mobile devices a lot more sophisticated this group will continue to grow.

The new consumer has their phone with them all the tine which means that they will be able to access information wherever they are.

Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing is fast becoming a mainstream marketing channel and companies that are reluctant to capitalise on mobile technologies to interact with their customers will quickly get left far behind.