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Coretalk SMS Solutions Features and Benefits

SMS Communication Process Manager

How can you possibly manage inbound SMS messages when you receive so many? It’s easy with Coretalk’s unique SMS Communication Process Manager.

Mobile CRM you can understand

Convert inbound telephone calls into outbound SMS and slash that expensive telephone bill whilst saving time and improving efficiency.

SMS Inbox

Simply receive messages from customer’s, suppliers and staff and reply to them in seconds.

Personalized messages from a spreadsheet

Got an Excel spreadsheet of people that haven’t paid? Simply link Coretalk to your spreadsheet and send them all a personalized TEXT in seconds.

Text Promotions

Get your Customers to text a KEYWORD that you place in your advertising material and AUTOMATICALLY reply with a text that promotes your business.

Integration Tools

Integrate CoreTalk SMS into your existing software solution and move your business to a new level.

Text Enabled Calendar

Breathe life into your Calendar, Notify, Remind and Manage appointments using TEXT.

Mobile Reporting Tool

Turn a mobile phone into a business reporting tool and get rid of all that admin!

Comprehensive Communication History

Need to keep a track record of all communication, telephone calls, SMS messages, notes and reports? Easy just check Coretalk’s communication history.

One SMS/Text solution that integrates all of these features

CoreTalk understands that your TEXT needs are diverse and that your requirements will grow as your customers become more and more accustomed to using the incredible features on their mobile phones.

Instant Messaging Features and Benefits

Our instant messaging solutions provide you with a fast and effective way to communicate. It allows you to connect with prospective clients, staff members and consumers all through an SMS.